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Mo Yan Bull English It társkereső tj Lao Lan who invented the scientific method of forcing pressurized water into the pulmonary arteries of slaughtered animals.

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With this method, hogyan singles day lett legnagyobb shopping spree valaha could empty a bucketful of water into a two-hundred-jin pig, while with the old method you could barely empty half a bucket of water into the carcass of a dead cow. Lao Lan had a substantial potbelly and rosy cheeks; his voice rang out like a pealing bell.

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In a word, he was born to be a rich official. After rising to the position of village head, he selflessly taught his fellow-villagers the water-injection method and served as the leader of a local riches-through-ruse movement.

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  3. Хилвар знал Элвина лучше; он инстинктивно уловил его суть с самого начала.
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Some villagers spoke out angrily and some attacked him on wall posters, calling him a member of the retaliatory landlord class, which was intent on overthrowing the rule of the village proletariat.

But talk like that was out of fashion. Over the village P. So Lao Lan never had to worry about cutting prices if his supply did not sell right away; meat that looked as good as his was never in danger of going unsold.

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My father was much smarter than Lao Lan. But he was a dragon among men, and dragons have no interest in accumulating property. Tigers spend most of their time sleeping in their lairs, coming out only when hunger sends them hunting for prey.

I'm afraid not. It started worse than ever about two minutes ago. Oh, dear!

Similarly, my father spent most of his time holed up, eating, drinking, and having a good time, coming out only when hunger pangs sent him looking for income. Never for a moment did he resemble Lao Lan and people of that ilk, who accumulated blood money, putting a knife in white and taking it out red. Father made his living by his wits. In ancient times, there was a famous chef named Pao Ding, who was an expert at carving up cows.

Mo Yan: Bull

In modern times, there was a man who was an expert at sizing them up—my father. At first, people thought my father was just a windbag, but after testing him several times they were believers.

His presence took blind luck out of the equation in dealings between cattlemen and butchers, and established a basis of fairness. Once his authority was in place, both the cattlemen and the butchers courted his favor, hogyan singles day lett legnagyobb shopping spree valaha to gain an edge. If a cattleman came to our house with a gift of wine and cigarettes, my father tossed them into the street, then climbed our garden wall and cursed loudly.

Both the cattlemen and the butchers said that Luo Tong was an idiot, but the fairest man they knew.

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People trusted him implicitly. If a transaction reached a stalemate, the parties would look at him to acknowledge that they wanted things settled. Luo Tong, you be the judge!

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Buyer and seller would reach out and smack hands. What must be made clear is that, before my father showed up at the cattle auctions, the deals had been negotiated by old-style brokers, dark, gaunt, wretched old men, some with queues hanging down their backs, who were proficient in the art of haggling by finger signs hidden in wide, overlapping sleeves, thus lending the profession an air of mystery.

My father effectively drove the shifty-eyed brokers off the stage of history.

This remarkable advance in the buying and selling of cattle on the hoof could, with only a bit of exaggeration, be called revolutionary. Early one summer day, Father carried me on his shoulders over to the threshing floor.

Our shack looked particularly shabby and awful now that it was tucked in among a bunch of newly built houses with red tiled roofs, like a beggar kneeling in front of a clutch of landlords and rich merchants in silks and satins, asking for a handout.

Thanks to my lazy, gluttonous father, we lived a life of extremes, with potfuls of meat on the stove during good times and empty pots during the bad. Our two little pigs never got enough to eat and they squealed hungrily most of the time. It was annoying.

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I raised them, and nobody will harm a hair on them. Either the fish dies or the net breaks.

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They were best with cucumbers—the thorny ones with flowers—and some mashed garlic and sesame oil. She grabbed hold of my ear and jerked it hard, while Father tried to pull me free—by the neck—and I screamed for all I was worth, afraid my ear would be ripped off. My screams sounded like the squeals of pigs being slaughtered in the village.

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