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Talk in Marseille After the long weekend two and a half weeks ago, I had to work day and night literally, with an average ~5 hours of sleep per day, and leaving from work usually after midnight to prepare my talk and especially to produce some final results which are ready to be presented for the 2nd CoRoT Symposium for the week after so for last week.

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It was not easy, but these pre-deadline rushes happen, when you are a PhD student. And before that too… Senior marseille nő meeting they will never stop happening anyway, just to make it clear. On Sunday, after packing in for Marseille, doing the laundry — which I still hate so much, and cleaning up a bit, I spent the afternoon with Elise.

It was very nice, and not only because she brought my home made small cakes : We always have great conversations. It was a direct train from Brussels, with a journey lasting five and a half hours — and on first class!

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Then on Monday I walked around Marseille after lunch for a bit with Jonas, who is really in love with the city. On the evening we had a welcome reception, then the symposium kicked off on Tuesday morning at It is always good to meet other people from the field, to put faces behind the names — at the end, this is the main reason we go to such conferences.

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And senior marseille nő meeting present ourselves to the community. It is even an official requirement from the University to get a PhD… I gave my talk on Wednesday after rehearsing in senior marseille nő meeting hotel room on Tuesday afternoon, and a bit on Wednesday morning, plus listening to it on my iPod :Dbetween flört a félévben first coffee break and lunch the best time everand it went quite well, without stress.

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I did not receive difficult questions either, so I was very happy after I sat back to my place among the audience. And several colleagues told me that the talk was very good, so even if only half of this is true, I can be happy about it!

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We had the conference dinner on the evening overlooking the port of Marseille, under the eclipsed Moon… The place was scenic, but the food was not that good, though I have to admit that after the delicious lunches we got every day and I really mean those were pretty awesomeno one was complaining. The last two days I have been to all the talks, and I looked at all the posters, so I got quite tired by the end of the week.

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It is a pity that I did not like Marseille a bit more, because this way I felt it a bit useless to stay for Saturday and go home only on Sunday, but I had the tickets already, so there was no choice. So I just tried to enjoy the city as much as I can for an extra day… Luckily I was not alone; some colleagues helped to get the best out of the situation. But then I was really happy to be back in Belgium FYI: the TGV is also cool on 2nd class if you can sit next to the windoweven if it was a bit rainy and much colder compared to the Mediterranean, but I still feel much better here.


This week I am mostly dealing with paperwork and travel arrangements, plus I have to supervise exams for one and a half days. So it is less research for now, but I need to do these things too once in a while… And I just managed to get another observing run in October on La Palma, when I will be the support astronomer of the master students, like last year. This way I can work at the telescope even as part of my teaching duties : Four observing runs this year!!!

MetaKing A szikrázó napsütést borongós, csapadékos időjárás követi a hétvégén. Ezt a nem szívmelengető képet festi előrejelzésében az Országos Meteorológiai Szolgálat.

Really cool. I hope it will get better for the weekend, because I really need to get back on my racing bike….

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