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Considering international rankings SZTE usually appears among the top th position globally, and in it is ranked the best Hungarian university QS. Outstanding professors have worked at the University, including the Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Györgyiwho was the first to isolate Vitamin C, extracting it from Szeged paprika.

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The University of Szeged is one of the largest universities in Hungary, and the efforts of its nearly 21, students and close to 8, employees at the 12 university faculties help make the institution the regional centre of knowledge in Hungary and Central Europe.

A mentor system assists them to settle down in Szeged and find their way in the University.

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The student faculty ratio is a key to success in obtaining valuable knowledge and academic qualifications and it is a highly important task to help our students make use of their knowledge in the most effective way. The steadily extending, fruitful national and mali online dating co-operations music group társkereső the University with institutes and companies clearly demonstrate that our graduates, due to our competitive degrees programmes coupled with skills development, as well as extensive practical experience, enter the labour market well prepared.

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Their careers are good examples for the future generations of students in Szeged. Read more The University of Szeged SZTE with a history dating back tois located in the sunniest city of Hungary attracting thousands of young people due to its lively, urban lifestyle and colourful festivals.

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