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In addition to setting the vision and direction for Khan Academy, he still makes a lot of videos although he's not the only ismerd warm up games anymore. John Principal Architect John designs and builds the frontend architecture, and infrastructure, of Khan Academy.

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He's worked on the CS platform, accessibility, internationalization, performance, and many other parts of the site. John is the creator of the jQuery JavaScript library, amongst a number of other Open Source projects, and the author of three books on JavaScript development.

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Tom Data Architect Tom is the resident Khan Academy company historian, having witnessed its most humble origins and impressive growth. He now heads the Data Infrastructure team, enabling the team to use data to improve the product for learners all over the world.

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Craig Dean of Infrastructure Craig is focused on the infrastructure that supports Khan Academy, from its databases to its developer tools.

Before joining, Craig worked for Google, where he was the first employee hired by Larry and Sergey. Charlotte Math Content Creator Charlotte is an advocate of individually-paced learning and has applied that principal in her own life and throughout her teaching.

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She majored in puzzles and games for her first degree although her Mary Baldwin College transcript calls it mathematics and computer science, and focused her M. Ed on mathematics and language arts for middle school students.

When she is not writing content for KA, Charlotte is an active member of her local Deaf community although she is hearing,herself and discusses theology or practices Spanish with her husband. Kevin Software Engineer Kevin is passionate about math, computing science, and education in general.

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He likes building new things and wants to help transform education. Kevin Software Engineer Kevin has been developing and managing software projects for a long time, most recently at Adobe and Mozilla. He has been involved in open source projects for more than a decade and is known for starting CommonJS and TurboGears.

Beyond the realm of software development, Kevin has written a series of children's fantasy novels.

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Leo Senior Design Manager Leo is a product designer and ismerd warm up games that enjoys organizing messy things. Before joining Khan Academy, he studied information science and worked on native apps ismerd warm up games Target and Starbucks. When he's not busy learning, teaching, or writing education-related software, he enjoys hiking, folding origami, and doing puzzles. He enjoys spending time with his family, camping, singing, and opining about how to make the world a better place.

Sean Software Engineer Sean's ridiculously excited to be working on education technology. He's been a security developer, an animation-tools specialist, a full-time traveler, a studious six-year-old, and a student at the University of Waterloo, in no particular order. When he's not coding, he's probably seeking out nature, taking photos, cooking, or playing guitar. He later founded an edtech startup that created communities for online learners in more than 80 countries, many more than he has traveled to.

After graduating, he served as the editorial director of an educational games publisher in Chicago, and as a producer, writer, and voice actor on a science fiction podcast.

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Tina Tina is responsible for making sure that all the numbers go into the right buckets and that the number trains are operating on schedule. When she is not busy reconciling bank statements, Angela can be found paddling in a canoe or going for a run around the city. Lindsay Senior Math Content Creator Lindsay studied Nonprofit Administration at the University of Notre Dame and sees her role with Khan Academy as the perfect marriage of her two professional passions: math education and the not-for-profit sector.

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Prior to Khan Academy, Lindsay taught secondary math and created graduate level coursework for math educators. In addition to being an educator, Lindsay enjoys watching college football and basketball, running, and coaching four-year-old soccer. Lizzie Community Giving Manager Lizzie works on the Philanthropy team as the manager of community giving. Lizzie is an avid open water swimmer and has competed in races on both US coasts.

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Before joining Khan Academy, Lizzie worked at several museums in education, development, and visitor services. Lizzie holds a B.

Nicholas Mobile Engineer Nick takes ideas and turns them into code.

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He works at Khan Academy on mobile projects. Anthony IT Administrator Anthony supports the staff at Khan Academy ensuring the technology is up to date and working reliably. He has a passion for technology that started at an early age and built his first computer to play the latest games. Learning new tech and solving problems are two things he enjoys.

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Laurie Community Support Manager Laurie is a nerd for online communities, and at Khan Academy gets to work with one of the internet's finest. Before Khan Academy, Laurie helped internal teams make sense of the strange and wonderful weirdness of internet communities at various gaming and social media startups.

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When she's not geeking out over the amazing ways that humans interact online, she can be found exploring some part of the world trying to collect good stories.

On the side, she likes to work on small design projects and has worked on a few for Ismerd warm up games. On top of that, she enjoys long distance ismerd warm up games and cooking.

And underneath it all, she's just a girl living in the moment. She is thoroughly excited about creating equal opportunities for every child through her work. Prior to this, she served as a member of the Indian Administrative Service in the state of Uttar Pradesh. She enjoys reading, crafting, cooking and is forever learning to do something new.

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He loves hard problems and learning new things. Before joining, Brian worked in healthcare, education, research, load testing, military, and power management.

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When not hacking, Brian can be found riding his road bike, nerding out in the kitchen, camping, or goofing around with his kids. He came to Khan Academy after working in both for-profit and policy organizations.

Outside of work, he likes to spend time hiking, skiing, reading, and doing the Sunday crossword. Paul holds a B. Nick Software Engineer Nick is super excited to be working with the great folks at Khan Academy to improve education for everyone, everywhere. His professional history includes starting small businesses and writing clean code at startups.

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He's a big fan of being happy, technology and how it can help the world, reading, tea, and all situations that provide backdrops for exceptionally long conversations camping, hiking, or hosting dinner parties.

Michael Software Engineer Michael has joined Khan Academy after years of building all kinds of software, everything from embedded devices to video games.

He likes dodging trees and sharks while mountain biking and scuba diving, respectively.