Meeting in- law ajándék

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The agenda of the General Meeting: 1. Decision on the approval of the report on Corporate Governance 3. Evaluation of the activities of the management in the previous business year, decision on granting discharge of liability 4. Election of the Company s auditor, approval of the appointment of the person being officially responsible for auditing, setting the remuneration 5.

Election of the members of the Board of Directors 7.

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Approving the remuneration guidelines of the Company 8. Establishing the remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board 9. The minority shareholders may exercise such right within meeting in- law ajándék days following the publication of the current Announcement. The Board of Directors is obliged to put such motion for the Agenda of the General Meeting and make it public according to The participation in the General Meeting and exercising the voting right are subject to the following: a the shareholder verification effectively verifies the possession of shares at the date of the shareholder verification; b the shareholder should be effectively entered into the Company s Share Register by the deadline set in point III of the present Announcement; c the authorized representative should identify the shareholders being represented according egyetlen schwabach point Meeting in- law ajándék of the present Announcement; d the ownership of the shares or the voting right relating to the ownership of the shares shall not violate legal provisions or the By-Laws of the Company, which circumstance shall be verified through monitoring by the Company.

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The date of shareholder verification is 20 April Friday. At the time of shareholder verification the Company will delete all data from its Share Register and simultaneously will replace them with the latest result of the shareholder verification in the Share Register and will close it down at noon local time with two working days prior to the General Meeting.


Thereafter any notes related to shareholders holding can be made the earliest only on the following working day after the General Meeting being accomplished. At the General Meeting only those persons are entitled to exercise their voting rights whose names had been registered in meeting in- law ajándék Share Register at its closure.

If a share has been transferred prior to the effective date of the General Meeting, its new owner can participate at the General Meeting and can exercise all shareholder rights. According to In case the shareholders legal representatives fail to meet those requirements in a timely manner, according to the law they can t exercise their voting rights.

The General Meeting is going to be performed with the personal participation of the authorised persons.

meeting in- law ajándék

Shareholders may participate in the General Meeting in person or through their authorised representatives. The Company is entitled to check the identification of the shareholders and their representatives in accordance with the concerning documents prior to admission to the General Meeting.

The authorisations regarding the representation at the General Meeting shall comply with the concerning effective Hungarian laws The authorisation must include a clear and explicit statement of authorisation for the proxy, the shareholder as principal and the representative as proxy agent and any possible limitations of the authorisation.

Announcement of the OTP Bank Plc. concerning the Company s General Meeting

Authorisations must be issued in the form of a notarised deed or a private document with full validity as evidence. In case an authorisation would include several representatives it shall be indicated that each representative is entitled to exercise its right for representation independently as a shareholder is entitled to authorize just one representative.

The authorisation shall be valid only for a General Meeting or for a specified period not exceeding twelve months. The authorisation shall also be valid for the continuation of a suspended General Meeting and for re-convened General Meetings by reason of the quorum.


In case the shareholder is represented at the General Meeting by its legal representative e. In case of verifying meeting in- law ajándék existence of companies and other organisations registered outside Hungary and the representation right of those persons entitled to represent the company, it is essential that the foreign document shall be issued by a certified public record body or these facts shall be witnessed by a notary public.

meeting in- law ajándék

Information on the subject may be obtained from the foreign representations of Hungary. If the document is written neither in English nor in Hungarian, the presentation of its certified Hungarian translation is also required.

Authorizations shall be handed over till 20th of April at any of the OTP branches as specified in Article X or at the Corporate Secretariat of the Company if the authorised representative represents more than one shareholder by virtue of foreign-issued document.

Registration at the venue of the General Meeting starts at a.

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Provided that the conditions for attending the General Meeting and of exercising voting rights are met, at the venue of the General Meeting, the shareholder or his authorised representative having provided the proof of his identity and signed the record of participants will receive the shareholder s voting terminal, entitling him to vote and participate at the General Meeting.

We would like to call the attention of our esteemed shareholders that attendance and voting at the General Meeting are subject to observing the provisions contained in points II, III, IV and V of the present Announcement.

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Should the General Meeting fail to constitute a quorum by a. This General Meeting shall be considered a quorum irrespective of the number of shareholders present. We recommend our shareholders who intend to participate in the General Meeting to liaise with the investment service provider who manages their securities account regarding the obligations and deadlines for the shareholder identification made by KELER.

The written documents of the General Meeting shall be available for inspection by the shareholders from the 6 th of April at the Budapest Branch Office of the Company H Budapest, Deák Ferenc u.

meeting in- law ajándék

The designated branches of the Company: Budapest Széchenyi rkp. Budapest Budapest Szabadság tér Árkád Budapest Karinthy F. Infopark Budapest Hunyadi J. Bács-Kiskun County Kecskemét Korona u.

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Békés County Békéscsaba Szt. Márton u Recsk Kossuth u Eger Széchenyi u. Béla u. István tér Szentendre Dumtsa J. István u Kiskunlacháza Dózsa Gy. László u Mátészalka Szalkai L.